Date Conversation Topics To Avoid

When it comes to dating, having some topic for conversation ready is always necessary. It will help keep the date more enjoyable, knowing that you and your date has something to talk about. But when it comes to conversation topics, there are just some things that you need to avoid. Here are some of them.


It is a very sensitive topic that you should not try to open up during a date. Although sometime it might just come out in the open, it is preferred that you do not try to open up talking about religious beliefs on a first date or any date for that matter. It will only stir debate and will only get you into some arguments with your date, especially if you have different beliefs on the matter.


This is another topic not worth taking on a conversation with a date. It may be a good topic to tackle if you know beforehand what your date stands in terms of political affiliation. If you both believe in the same type of politics, then you can do so and talk about it. But if not, then it might not be a good topic to open up on a first date.

Past Dates

It pays to come prepared with things to talk about during a date. If not, what may come to mind may not be something worth talking about. Some people, for lack of something to talk about, go into the trap of talking about their past dates just to feel interesting. Although one can take pride in the dating experience he or she has accumulated over the years, it is not something worth sharing to someone you are currently going on a date with.

Weird Habits

Just because you want to stand out from other dates, it is not always good to share your weird habits on your first meeting. Some people may think that some would find it interesting, but there is a chance that your date would be turned off by it. As much as you think of it as fascinating, try to limit yourself from getting too much out of explaining a weird habit. You might be better off trying to find something that you do that is in common with what your date does. That would help you find something in common with each other and a safe topic to talk about during the date.
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