Choosing The Ideal First Date Location

First dates are supposed to be fun and enjoyable. But many people seem to take it way too seriously because of the many things that come with dating. Some people already are dreaming about love, romance and happiness even before the first date. But it is always wrong to expect a first date to be […]

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Date Conversation Topics To Avoid

When it comes to dating, having some topic for conversation ready is always necessary. It will help keep the date more enjoyable, knowing that you and your date has something to talk about. But when it comes to conversation topics, there are just some things that you need to avoid. Here are some of them. […]

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Would You Tell A Date If Youre Diabetic

One of the common concerns of people going on a first date is what the other person may think about them. Insecurity about something can cause some people to lie to their date about themselves. And if you are a suffering diabetic, it may be reason for you to do so when going on dating. […]

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OkCupid Launches Crazy Blind Date App

If you think blind dates set up by your friends are crazy, wait until you get into a blind date determined by math. Popular online dating site OkCupid has launched a mobile app called “Crazy Blind Date,” which sets users up on a blind date in near-real time. The app, available for free on both […]

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Reasons To Date Shy Guys

While women usually look for confident guys to date and have a relationship with, there are other guys out there left on the sidelines that might not only be good dating material but also a better option to start a relationship with. I’m talking about shy guys. There are various reasons why women should consider […]

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