Could Online Dating Change You For the Worse

Numerous articles have been written about how online dating has changed the dating scene. Whether you are browsing through numerous profiles on a dating website or checking out the singles in your area using your dating app, today’s dating environment is certainly different from when singles would meet in clubs, bars, or their friend’s wedding.

But there is another side to online dating that rarely get discussed–how it “changes” your personality. Online daters may not realize it, but their close friends may notice those subtle changes. They may equate it to how people generally change after tremendous success in their careers.

Their choice of dates become shallow – For people who receive tons of email from prospective dates, they can trim their choices down according to their preference. Some reply to people who make the best impression, either with a handsome profile photo or with a catchy message, while others choose the ones who they think would be the most “generous.”

They may forget the real purpose of online dating – Some people get so many responses, they feel like they have to date most–if not all–of them. They forget that online dating, like old-school dating, is aimed at finding their prospective spouse, not the person whom they will hook-up with this weekend.

They may overlook the people who truly like them – If they like going out to men who would go out of the limb to pay for everything from their wardrobe to even their college tuition, they may not notice the people who truly like them for what they truly are, not for how their sugar daddies want them to be.

While online dating could change one’s personality for the worse, just remember that they have the power to take it back while still enjoying dating using a website or an app.
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