Common Marriage Myths

A successful marriage is one that lasts a lifetime. But getting there takes a lifelong dedication, of work and sacrifices. But there are certain myths about marriage that people seem to believe but are in fact not true. Here are some of them.

Don’t go to bed angry.

What this means is that married couples should resolve conflicts and arguments before they ever get to bed. Although sometimes this may work, there are also times when it is better to sleep on the problem first before ever trying to resolve it. This will give both sides some time to calm down and think more rationally. In the heat of an argument, it may be harder to resolve the conflicts and will even make the situation even worse. Calling time out and sleeping it out first may be a more sensible option for married couples to give them both time to think over the conflict on their own.

A marriage worsens once the kids leave home.

Many people believe that a marriage may suffer once the kids grow up and live life on their own. The parents may have that feeling that the family has somehow dissolved that will only lead to couples also separating. But this is not always the case.

Married couples may feel awkward at first upon realizing that the kids are no longer at home. After years of focusing on taking care of the kids, the couple may suddenly realize after awhile that they actually have more freedom and leisure time on their own. This can help the couple focus on their relationship this time and how to make it even more meaningful.

You need to put your focus on the marriage and forget about your individuality.

For some people, getting married means forgetting about yourself and thinking more about life as a couple. To them, marriage means doing everything together, as a couple. But this is not the case in an actual marriage. Although marriage may have brought two people together, it does not mean that they must do everything as a couple.

Marriage actually is simply one integrating his or her life with another. Couples have separate lives that come together in a marriage which includes personal goals and dreams, even hobbies. This means that one should respect the world or life of a partner, not each one of them having to leave that world and enter solely into a new one together. There is always that balance that needs to be achieved- living the life of a couple as well as living out their personal lives trying to achieve their personal goals.
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