Traits Men Look For Aside From Attractiveness

There are many things that men look for when it comes to starting relationships with women. While having good looks is one of those main features, there are also other traits that men look for in women aside from it. Here are some of those traits that women should know about.

Sincere, Honest And Real

Men also look after women who are sincere and honest and not just for being attractive. Most men don’t like women who are always putting on that fake persona in order to please the opposite sex. Some women tend to hide their true selves believing that it is not something that men would like to see. But by doing so, men can get turned off. Men usually like women who are true and comfortable with themselves, not having to make up something in order to please others.

Sense Of Humor

Laughter is usually part of a lasting relationship. It is usually the glue that helps keep two people together. Men look for women who also know how to laugh and create laughter. A woman with a great sense of humor can be someone that most men tend to like once they get to know her. It is also one of those traits that men look for in a woman.

Good Listener

Aside from being attractive, many men also look for women who not only are good at conversation but also know how to listen. While most men are known seldom share their feelings out loud, they usually want a woman who is willing to listen in case they do. A woman who is a good listener may also score good points among many men.

Caring Via Actions

Men like women who show that they care instead of just merely saying it. Men don’t usually like to be told by women that they love them. Men already know that. What they want more is for women to show that they care- be it being concerned about his problems, having an ear to listen, surprising him once in a while or caring for him when he is not feeling well.
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